“The purpose of the ethical channel or also said complaints is the reception, retention and treatment of complaints about irregularities or breaches of external or internal regulations, which may have been committed by any person who has a direct or indirect relationship with the Mare De Déu Del Coll School.

Through this channel you can send a notification of complaint that, if you meet the necessary requirements, will be treated in a totally confidential way by an independent third party, preserving the anonymity of the complainant at all times.

The contact details will be used for this independent third party to communicate with the complainant in case of needing an extension of information, correction of defects, or to inform him of the state of the procedure and the result of the investigation.

It also has in the ethical channel the possibility of providing the supporting documentation it considers convenient to accredit the facts object of the complaint.”

Can download document relative to LOPD .

You can also download the regulation of this ethical channel / channel of denuncies .

The ethical/channel channel of complaints for institutions is the internal communication through which the institution receives and manages the complaints (or communications) made by the members of the institution itself or by other people linked to it, on possible irregular or illicit behaviors that may have been witnesses or have knowledge and that are contrary to the rules of the institution, both internal and external.

Therefore, this channel is a tool that allows detecting irregular or illicit behaviors within the institution itself, whether these are against current national or international regulations or against the institution’s own internal regulations. Through the complaints channel, the members of the institution and those external persons, but linked to it, can report these behaviors, so that the corresponding body or committee processes and, where appropriate, investigates the complaints received. It is not an internal channel of complaints, or opinions, or to communicate discomfort for some business or organization decisions in the company that do not contravene the current regulations.

The internal complaints channel is an essential tool of any compliance plan or program or compliance or regulatory compliance and a requirement of the plan for the prevention of criminal offences, as set out in Law 2/2023, of February 20, regulating the protection of persons who report regulatory and anti-corruption violations and Article 31a of the Penal Code. Therefore, the relationship between complaints and compliance channels is evident, without the former we would have an insufficient and, surely, inefficient compliance management system.

You can use the escribiendo ethical channel in the following direction of electronic mail:

Or calling by phone at the next number: +34 696483641