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The purpose of education is to ensure that boys and girls acquire the necessary tools to understand the world in which they are growing up and to guide them in their actions; lay the foundations for them to become people capable of actively and critically intervening in the plural, diverse, and continuously changing society in which they will be living.

In addition to developing the necessary knowledge, abilities, skills and attitudes, boys and girls must learn to mobilize all these personal resources to achieve personal fulfillment and this becoming responsible, autonomous, to exercise active citizenship, to integrate into adult life in a satisfactory way and to be able to adapt to new situations and develop lifelong learning.

The main purpose of each of the curricular subjects is the development of basic skills, bearing in mind that each of the subjects contributes to the development of different skills and, at the same time, each of the basic skills will be achieved as a result of work in different subjects.


Basic competencies

Catalan Language and Literature

Spanish Language and Literature

Foreign language

Communication skills:

Language and audiovisual communication competition

Artistic and cultural skills

Nature Sciences

Social Sciences

Physical Education


Methodological competencies:

Digital information and competition handling

Mathematical competition

Learn to learn competency


Visual and Plastic Education



Specific competencies focusing on living and inhabiting the world:

Competition in knowledge and interaction with the physical world.

Social and citizen competence