Secretary & administration

The Secretary is located on the ground floor (input c/ Tirso 51-53). The person serving the secretariat is Susana Domenech.

The secretariat deals with all topics related to academic life: official registrations, high, low, certificates, receipts, academic records, addresses, dining room registrations, etc.

Certificates will be delivered within two days of being requested.

No enrolments will be performed without having submitted all the documentation.

Official documents (Graduates School,…) will be delivered according to the deadline established by the educational authorities of the Generalitat.

Monthly payment will be made through the bank account whenever possible.

Payment of sporadic dining and Kangaroo services will be made in the same time as family care.


Secretary’s timetable:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday
9:10h. to 11:00h.
Tuesday and Thursday
15:10h. to 17:30h.


The administration is located on the 1st floor (input c/Tirso 51-53). The person attending the administration is Montse Gessé.

Administration’s timetable:

Monday to Friday 9:15h. to 10:30h.
Tuesday 15:30h. to 17:30h.