School year 2024/25

Families, we are preparing for a new school year that is surely full of extraordinary experiences and adventures.

The tutors have contacted you to send you their email and the date of the start meetings of the new course. Here we leave you the information regarding the meetings and remind you that in the tutorials section of each stage you can find the email of the tutors:



I3 04/09 (16:00 hours)
I4 09/09 (15:30 hours)
I5 13/09 (15:30 hours)

Primary (15:30 hours)
P1 12/09
P2 17/09
P3 10/09
P4 16/09
P5 18/09
P6 19/09

Secondary (17:30 hours)
ESO1 17/09
ESO2 16/09
ESO3 16/09
ESO4 17/09