The students from Cicle Inicial within the project about our neighborhood have visited the Carmel market. We went from school with a pleasant walk along Llobregós street. During the walk, we have noticed the buses and subway stops and different shops.
Once we arrived at the market, a monitor was waiting for us to give a guided tour. It has shown us the diversity of stalls that we can find and we have stopped at a fruit stall, where you can get the seasonal fruits and what is the main information we can find in the black sign of each box of fruit (origin, name of the variety and price). Also, we have talked with the fishmongers who have explained the different species of fish and seafood. The students were amazed by the swordfish head that was on the counter. Furthermore, they took took a lobster and a crab out of the fish tank and they explained to us that the blue ones are from Galicia and the red ones are American. Further on, we found the butcher’s stall where a very friendly saleswoman showed us how to cut the rabbit and a customer that had been buying for more than 30 years. She thinks that the products are fresher and from proximity.
After observing the market stalls in detail and learning from their professionals, we stood in a circle in order to complete some worksheets about the name of the stalls and what products they sell. The second grade students also had to choose a product and draw it. In class, they will look for its name in English.
Finally, they have given us a banana and a cloth backpack for each student. It has been an interesting visit, where we have learnt a lot about the variety of products and where to buy food from professionals who know well the product they sell.